timedetectiv asked you:
Elisabethjanebishop and her friend charliexbarker are two of my favorite Instagram accounts, and they have really similar style to what you post!

I actually follow Elisabeth already, but I will check out the other one. Thank you for the help haha!

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tumbleweedandporcelaine asked you:
I'd like to think I have a cool looking insta account, but it's up to you to decide. @lydiajamesx

I will check it out :)

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Question; do any of you follow/have any good fashion/cool looking Instagram accounts?  

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Anonymous asked you:
Back to school must haves??

Basics are the greatest. Make sure to have some, they are vital. I think a good backpack and shoes like trainers is some of a “must” too. 

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licmiller asked you:
I'm going to London next week and I have no idea what i should pack... I love the british indie style with thights, pretty dresses, leather jackets, and so on. Do you may have any sets for me? Many thanks and keep on your gorgeous blog! Xx
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annelieseandrew asked you:
Love your blog thank you for all the fashion ideas!

Thank you, happy to hear that!

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Question; do any of you follow/have any good fashion/cool looking Instagram accounts?  

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need some inspiration, hehe, message me if you do,
BLK by nadiasxox featuring a glass sign

BLK by nadiasxox featuring a glass sign

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Ask - Clear glittery jelly sandals 

I HAD NO CHOICE by anotherfuckingshalalala featuring a long sleeve blouse

386 by iisabellak-1 featuring a round planter

big plans by captain-chole featuring a gray crop top

Lapse of Light by teabaq featuring Lalique

"don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones" ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr. by call-1-800-sensei featuring a knee high hosiery

Orchid by willowfig featuring Topshop

#54 by luminesce-nt featuring mirrored sunglasses

moving by iisabellak-1 featuring silk flowers

interim lovers by erasmia-yasemi featuring a grey skirt

1.529 by katrina-yeow featuring short heel shoes

Cashmere by hannahmatcha featuring theory pants

spring morning by molly-moo featuring autumn home decor
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Ask - Warm weather 

Hey. I’ve answered similar questions not too long ago so just look through my answered tag and I think you’ll find something. Here are some sets for you and remember dress for yourself and for no one else, okay? So, here the outfits 

animal instinct by jesicacecillia featuring black flats

goodbye by iisabellak-1 featuring retro circle sunglasses

Untitled #57 by ford-kourtney featuring flat sandals

instant crush by gabriela-xo featuring a le labo perfume

#92 by pokemilia featuring black flats

So far // I have to go // The minute I started to run // So far // Why did you black out the sun by nauditaolivia featuring black strappy shoes

Pastel pink by headshapes featuring Marni
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Ask - Wedge Sandals 

Thank you! Here are the sets

90s by velvetinewolf featuring sleeveless shirts

thirteen by brittanyjean1 featuring 3.1 Phillip Lim

D O P E by tania-maria featuring black home decor
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Outline by simpleandyoung featuring a mini skirt

Outline by simpleandyoung featuring a mini skirt

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Ask - Vagabond Dioon and New Balance M373 

Hey, I had a hard time finding outfits to your shoes. I found some looks with the Vagabond ones but I had to make the set with five outfits for the New Balance ones. i hope you like the sets.

Daisy choker by shanathedesigner featuring leather boots

#dark by tjasa-levstik featuring a mesh bra

Winter look by elske88 featuring a leather purse

No more high schoool wooo by puno266 featuring buckle boots

u & i by sloaneypony featuring an urban decay eye-liner

boy i’m in a daze by sloaneypony featuring a denim jacket

u got perfect form by sloaneypony featuring leather boots

wait wot by sloaneypony featuring a green nail polish

what would beyonce do by sloaneypony featuring Topshop

how about no by sloaneypony featuring a genuine leather backpack

New Balance M373 by mywayoflife featuring MARC BY MARC JACOBS
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Ask - Grey/Gray acid washed jeans for going out 

Happy to hear that and thank you! Here are some sets

Pastel chic for the spring by i-am-flashed-of-you featuring a leather backpack bag

OOTD! by skinneyminnie featuring perfume fragrances

make you mine ! by mimaspics featuring knit shirts

Untitled #3599 by perriedwards featuring a leather shirt
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Ask - Nike Roshe Run 



Here you go :) (I’m guessing that they’re black) ((and look here as well))


Untitled #5088 by perriedwards featuring a black camisole

i live in a hologram with you by pterodactylvis featuring Topshop

ELIZA by le-rosie featuring silver glitter candles

Untitled #775 by lovetaytay featuring ripped jeans

54 by laxblog featuring black skinny jeans

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. by quiche featuring an oval cut ring

!st by catarina-lau-sousa featuring high waisted pants

all black by s-ensible featuring a black jacket

5d by lunartes featuring a royal copenhagen cup

Daisley. by sippinwowdamelon featuring boyfriend jeans

Untitled #273 by alternative-pentecostal-girl featuring a knee length denim pencil skirt

Untitled #265 by alternative-pentecostal-girl featuring a nike footwear
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