Ask - Red t-shirt for family reunion 

It was not easy to find these sets, not possibly the most appealing esthetically, but yeah. Look here for more outfits * ** * ** * **

Sin título #300 by osnapitzvic featuring a purple t shirt

Slow It Down by designbecky featuring H&M

* with Courtney #9 by collection-lulu featuring Gogo Philip

Sado cosmo. by sandra0428 featuring a pencil eyeliner

i luv u by abbydddd featuring long boots

Untitled #208 by clarasofie featuring t shirts
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Ask - Casual fur vest 

Here are some sets. For more inspiration look here

How to Style a Faux Fur Vest? by frutini featuring a gray faux fur vest

Street Style - Paris!.. by ninasavaneli featuring a denim shirt

She’s the Cat’s Meow by melivintage featuring Rag & Bone

Untitled #245 by angelmariemizuno featuring a fake fur vest

#79 by virty8 featuring Crate and Barrel

Sem título #2203 by lguimaraes featuring a parfum fragrance

Untitled #247 by angelmariemizuno featuring flat pumps
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百八 | N°108 by sarahiracheni featuring a black tank top

百八 | N°108 by sarahiracheni featuring a black tank top

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Steve by sharinganjea featuring shirts & tops

Steve by sharinganjea featuring shirts & tops

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Ask - ASOS sandals 

Aaaaw, thank you cutie! That’s really nice of you to say that. 
I actually found the exact pair of sandals you’re talking about (yay) so here you go, I hope you’ll get some inspiration. 

KATHY by blackberry-lemonade featuring a lip treatment

#13 Oh, screw beautiful. I’m brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain. by wereallbloodyinspired featuring flower pots

Untitled #202 by sayfreenow featuring glass tealight candle holders

Untitled #164 by omqsierra featuring lips makeup

Untitled #2017 by kathryn-xo featuring a black jacket

Out and about #136 by pandorayellow featuring strappy sandals
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Untitled #478 by mywayoflife featuring mid length skirts
Untitled #478 by mywayoflife featuring mid length skirts
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Ask - Overalls 


This was now a little while ago since I got this ask. But yeah, here you go

Untitled #1002 by amyn99 featuring genuine leather handbags

Black and White by heartbreaksnail featuring high heel shoes

Untitled #4373 by perriedwards featuring a black bag

by vanny featuring a straw purse

Untitled #2642 by wallenbergnikki featuring a black leather purse

Untitled #1257 by do-the-calder featuring black leather sandals

121 by charlottekatedaniels featuring black cateye sunglasses

I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it. by quiche featuring black sandals
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Anonymous asked you:
I'm going to a beach festival tomorrow, can you suggest some outfits? :) thank you, I adore your blog it's perfect <3

Thank you!! Take a look here ..

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Ask - Zara palazzo pants 

Casual lunch date by baludna featuring a leather wristlet

Untitled #323 by aubriiskyee featuring high waisted pants

Seeing The Light by shelly-15 featuring set of three vases

New Year new You by ummyoussef featuring a bangle bracelet

lace on top by jesicacecillia featuring t bar flat shoes

Untitled #102 by annamie featuring a zara footwear

Ready for Spring Diva (5). by diva-status featuring a pink kimono

Calm tides. by mia5600 featuring Armani Jeans
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mooncrooner asked you:
So my birthday is this Friday, and I'm having a little get together. I'm going crazy on finding what to wear! Any outfit ideas that are casual but classy? Thank you! (:

Happy birthday! I hope that you will have a great day. 

Here you go, set 1,2,3,4





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Ask - Black and white leather boots 

Untitled #1101 by sophiasstyle featuring vegan boots

Untitled #3968 by theleatherlook featuring prada glasses

Untitled #649 by osnapitzmariie featuring a black long sleeve shirt

Isaac Inspired College Tour Outfit by veterization featuring Sole Society

Untitled #220 by sixtiesremake featuring a long sleeve raglan shirt

Sin título #49 by valemagdalena featuring a black jacket

i’m no fool by sulk-y featuring white votive candles

Untitled #2660 by florencia95 featuring a flight jacket

Untitled #392 by osnapitzmariie featuring MICHAEL Michael Kors

Modern Artist by jessmun featuring cut-out booties
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Ask - Graphic band tees and baseball tshirts 

Thank you so much xx
I hope I got the right kind of shirts now, if I didn’t just message me.

4,12,14 #8 by qqueenoffashionn featuring high waisted ripped skinny jeans

βεℓℓα by fuckedchanel featuring acid jeans

Killin’ it in Versace by livelifefreelyy featuring a michael kors key ring

Untitled #134 by zahraaaaa featuring DKNY

|| Relate To by thvtless featuring a brown satchel handbag

#488 by boatemah-annim featuring a beanie hat

In the game) by katefreie featuring baseball shirts

Untitled #1835 by wtf-towear featuring a green baseball tee

April.26.2k14 by khiidamy4502 featuring short sleeve shirts

nobody is ever too busy. if they care, they will make time. by kovacsluca featuring a mesh bag

Ocean City by junk-food featuring a denim skirt

Untitled #2376 by skydoesminecraft featuring t shirts

Sin título #182 by yuls18 featuring leather bags

smiths by wannabelana featuring shirts & tops

Untitled #804 by nellagperez featuring hi tops

farrrkkk by leonijudge featuring fall home decor

you’re the same kind of bad as me by flowersinyourhair featuring t shirts

“Be — don’t try to become” ― Osho by leda-i featuring heel boots

adgghhhjj by haleyrj featuring a ceramic mug

heaven knows i’m miserable now by facetedd featuring spandex jeans
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timedetectiv asked you:
Elisabethjanebishop and her friend charliexbarker are two of my favorite Instagram accounts, and they have really similar style to what you post!

I actually follow Elisabeth already, but I will check out the other one. Thank you for the help haha!

1 week ago
tumbleweedandporcelaine asked you:
I'd like to think I have a cool looking insta account, but it's up to you to decide. @lydiajamesx

I will check it out :)

1 week ago

Question; do any of you follow/have any good fashion/cool looking Instagram accounts?  

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